introduction for PVA coating film

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 1)    PET/PVA/CPP

This structure could be widely used on the food packaging and the meat packaging. It has good clarity. It could be sealed on low temperature. PVA is coated on CPP, because the CPP is in contact with food directly. Our structure is PET with adhesive / PVA / CPP .You can see that, with the barrier layer of PVA, the adhesive will not touch the food; this is the surest guarantee that the food is safe. About the PVA layer, we have the online monitoring system. We could control the quantity of PVA coated on the CPP very well. And we also do some easy but effective experiment on every reel to guarantee the barrier property.

The Oxygen Transmission is 5.

2)    Paper/PET/PVA/CPP (paper 28g, paper 40g)

This could also be used on the food and meat packaging.

The Oxygen Transmission is 5


On this film, we used the special PVA, which is moisture resistant. As you know PLA is biodegradable film, but in china it is only widely used as shrink film, we integrate the biodegradable property of PLA and the high barrier property of PVA perfectly. Then it can be used in many different areas.

The Oxygen Transmission is 5

4) High barrier milk packaging CPP/PVA/PE

The Oxygen Transmission is 5. It could be used to package the liquid milk and other liquid food.

The ink is between the CPP and the PVA, so it improves the appearance of the bag and for the milk it is safer. This structure could also be produced thinner than the PE-EVOH-PE, but the strength and other properties are superior to it.


This could be boiled in the hot water  100 °C    40 minute.


The five above is just part of our products; if you have any other requirements please feel free to tell me. We could also design for you according to your needs!